Viziune longitudinală. Viziune longitudinală

Babes Bolyai University organizes selected for employment in the Project for Maria Roth, PhD. Project Manager: Assist.

Sergiu-Lucian Raiu  Maria Roth (Coordonatori) Rezultantele adolescenței O viziune longitudinală

Teodor Paul Hărăguş, PhD. The unifying objective of the project is to construct a longitudinal study as far as we know the first longitudinal study on this subject on transition of adolescents to young adulthood in Romania. Our intention is to identify by the analysis of demographic, neighborhood and income factors, parent, peer, and teacher relations those social contexts educational, family, services etc.

We intend to look at the ways these social determinants interact with the agency of individuals and the life events that mark their lives falling in love, changing school, succeeding graduation, starting work, volunteering, becoming pregnant etc. The research is expected to take place in two stages: when young people are in the final year of school and two years after leaving school.

Viziune longitudinală

The results of this research will contribute to the knowledge of how young people see their life chances and problems. Expected Results: 1 by assessing the explanatory factors viziune longitudinală the two theoretical models: the interactionist-ecological theory and life course viziune longitudinală, we see the impact of life-course events with impact the risk factors and resilience to design an integrative model-explanatory.

Study Calendar Analysis of Wave 1 data Preparation the Wave 2 field research development of the instrument for the second wave survey, testing the instrument on a small sample Managing the sample getting agreements to participate in the study and to record contact data, as well as maintaining connections with adolescents that were interviewed.

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Activities of disseminating the results of the research. Developing the theoretical explicative model for the phenomenon under study. Managing viziune longitudinală sample getting agreements to participate in the study and to record contact data, as well as maintaining connections with adolescents that were interviewed. Croatian Journal of Education, 17 2 Particularities of violence in couple among nowadays Romanian young people.

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Rezultantele adolescenței O viziune longitudinală

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