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The conference was organized by The For Our Children Foundation and was held under the patronage of Maya Manolova and the participants were over representatives of "national and local authorities, the academic community, international experts, professional and non-governmental organizations.

In addition, the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Rositsa Dimitrova, declared readiness to sign a concept of early childhood development, which is laid down in the National Program for Child Protection for Vision Parents Forum results of a "Early Child Development in Bulgaria" research, which brings attention to the health, social and educational systems and their impact on childcare at an early age and their safety, were also presented during the event.

It was declared that key recommendations made by the study to improve the performance of childcare systems will be prioritized by the end of March and will have a role in defining the objectives of the early childhood strategy.

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The topics discussed were "Healthcare for young children and Vision Parents Forum parents", "Pre-school education: early-age learning" and "The social system supporting young children and their families". Additional and detailed information pentru vedere the conference can be found in Bulgaria in the source article HERE.

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